I love nature and everything associated with it. Nature is rough, hostile, comforting, serene and above all a living being. The best quality of nature is the humility it brings in a person. The greatest and truest bonds are formed up in the mountains. We are no more than a spec in the giant scheme of things – a point emphasized when we are up there in the mountains. Everest for me is the epitome of the natural world. There is nothing greater and more insurmountable than the top of Everest. Only around 4000 people have scaled the great one and countless many have failed. Some failed up in the mountain whereas some failed sitting at their home.

I have never been on anything even close to the height of Everest. Everest is over 29000 ft above sea level. The most I have been up to is 16000 ft and the scenery was enough to get me pledged for life. Everest is the true test of human nature and grit. No amount of money can put you on top of Everest. Every individual who has climbed Everest had to go through the same routes, same hard work and the same conditions. To summit Everest you have to give your everything and some more. Everest is a Spiritual mother to the Sherpas and the mountaineering fraternity. Sherpas are the true heroes as without their help it is not possible to climb Everest. They lay the lines, ladders and carry the heavy loads. A sherpas body functions better in higher altitude because of their genetic make up. The Sherpas respect the Everest and consider it a pilgrimage and their spiritual duty to carry and guide their teams up and down the mountain safely. Everest can never be conquered, she can only be climbed and only if she wants you to. She can take it all away in a moment without any notice or opportunity.

Though Everest is still a distant dream, it is going to be reality someday. For now I will have to content myself with the lesser mountains. I will have to be ready to answer her call when she feels fit. Up till then the only thing I can say is – Everest has completely taken over me.



Let me be dark,
Let me be light,
Don’t just let me be, a darker shade of light
Too many choices,
Too less a time,
Let there be some clarity, as to your design and mine


Your design is yours,
and mine is mine,
let there be some similarity, between what’s yours and what’s mine.
In your ark you have us all aligned,
towards a higher truth and a thin line, about what’s yours and what’s mine
Let me be dark, let me be light,
don’t just let me be, a darker shade of light…




IMG_20160329_131422Beautiful meadows, Bright Sun, Show clad peaks and snow all around – this is what I could  see now that I was standing in Kheer Ganga. A meadow at 10000 feet above sea level in Himachal Pradesh. I could now see why Himachal is so addictive. Himachal had become more like the annual pilgrimage for me.

The rickety back breaking bus rides and the endless hills walked all cumulate in the awe inspiring views that made Himachal the mountain lovers paradise. After taking a cab from Kasol to Barshani one has to walk for close to 2 hours to reach Rudra Nag. Pack light and get plenty of exercise as Kheer Ganga is not as easy as it is made to sound. From Rudra Nag it is a steep incline trek of another one and half hour or two hours to reach Kheer Ganga.

A guide is necessary as there are some very steep sections and also some very slippery areas. It is always advised to have the expertise of a seasoned guide to help you out. The whole route is marked out well and is doable by people with average physical fitness. Running and weight training a month prior to Kheer Ganga is a must.

Carrying good shoes and enough layers of clothing is also a must. Tents are available at Kheer Ganga for hire, so no need to carry your own. Best time to go to Kheer Ganga is May or June. The whole trail is alive with varied coloured flowers. The walk from Rudra Nag to Kheer Ganga is through a thick forest has portions which will make you cry with joy. At night the sky fills up with more stars than any one has seen. Stargazing is a must with or without a telescope. Sleeping in a tent in Kheer Ganga is an awesome experience though not for the faint hearted. Places like Kheer Ganga need to be preserved for more reasons than one can comprehend. It is God at his free styling best.